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One Of Us
For All Of Us

Our diverse, working class coalition will create a North Carolina that works for everyone.


Erica currently represents Senate District 3— rural, northeastern North Carolina— in her third term at the North Carolina General Assembly.  She is proud of her successes in reducing the rural-urban divide and working across the aisle to pass legislation that improves the lives of children and families across the state.

Erica is rejecting corporate PAC donations to have a campaign powered by the people, for the people. Her campaign will be built together by a diverse coalition from across the state.  She wants to represent all citizens of North Carolina, not the interests of private corporations— her votes are not for sale.

Platform for Progress

Working people across North Carolina and across America are struggling.

They deserve representatives who will offer up policies, not platitudes, and fight for an agenda bold enough and big enough to lift them up. I’ve lived that struggle, and I know what a difference it could make to so many if we re-engineered our government to work for the people. Policy is personal to me and that’s why I’ll fight tirelessly to deliver real solutions to the very real problems that real people are facing.

Why You Should
Support Erica

“I am running for United States Senate because our delegation in Washington is not putting the people of North Carolina first. We need to move beyond party politics to create policy initiatives to ensure that workers can find jobs, fair wages and growth opportunities.

We need to reject the corruption of corporate interests so that our elected officials are held accountable by their only boss— their constituents. We need to remember what we have in common so we can promote an agenda of equal protection and opportunity under the law for all citizens of North Carolina.

People, Not PACs!

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