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Higher Education + Job Training

As a teenager growing up on a small, rural farm, I knew that college would be my best shot at improving the quality of life for me and my family. I was fortunate enough to attend North Carolina A&T at an affordable tuition rate and became an engineer and then a teacher. Today my story is becoming increasingly unlikely. We are investing less in community colleges and four-year public schools, expecting students to afford ever-increasing tuition prices.  I believe it is time to make higher education a catalyst for a more equitable and just society, instead of just a means for the wealthy to stay wealthy. I also understand that not everyone wants to go to college.  I will ensure anyone who desires job skills training has access to it so they’re not kept from attaining a good-paying job and ample economic opportunity.

I fully support making community colleges and four-year public schools tuition-free and as an HBCU graduate, I will fight to ensure our HBCUs are fully funded and given all the resources they need to thrive and expand.