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“I AM A PROUD HOMEGROWN NORTH CAROLINIAN”. I am a product of rural North Carolina, born in Fort Bragg as one of five siblings in a military family with an identical twin. I now reside in Henrico, NC (Northampton County), enjoying fresh air and lake living.

I have what it takes to unite our state and to bridge the gap between our rural and urban communities as an advocate for a bright future for us all. Growing up on the family farm taught me the importance of hard work and using available resources to promote economic growth and stability.

Due to the blessings of this region, I was encouraged to pursue my dreams with the support of our close-knit community. Throughout my service as a state Senator, I have been a steadfast advocate for our rural citizens, economic partnerships with urban centers, expansion of high-speed internet across all regions and increasing access to equitable healthcare.

“I AM AN ENGINEER.” I was employed as an engineer in the private and government sectors for over ten years before committing to full-time public service. Working in the high-tech, cutting edge technology field of aerospace and materials engineering equipped me with the business acumen and logistics talent to resolve what is wrong and improve what is strong. I was also able to hone my problem-solving and consensus-building skills.

It structured my fundamental approach as a legislator to focus on how to re-engineer formulas, criteria and policy so that they do the most good for the good of all.

“I AM A MINISTER.” I am an ordained member of the clergy and serve as an Associate Servant at Cool Spring Missionary Baptist Church in Gaston, NC where I was licensed in 2001 and catechized in 2002 (General Baptist Convention of NC). My strong Judeo-Christian heritage fuels my commitment to community building, social justice and equal access advocacy.

“I AM A PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATOR.” It has been the honor of my life to be a public high school math and science teacher, serving humanity through the teaching corps. Our schools shape our future by educating our youngest citizens. My mission is to ensure all students have the necessary resources to be prepared for 21st-century competencies, degrees, and careers.